by Ancient Giant

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released March 4, 2017

Ancient Giant is
Robin Chestnut: Drums
Rob Fitzgerald: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano

with help from
Jeb Bows: Violin
Griff Snyder: Juno
Charles Kern: Ocean Vibes

All songs written by Rob Fitzgerald and arranged by Ancient Giant
Recording Engineered by Charles Kern and Griff Snyder at Mammoth Cave Studios, Denver, CO
Piano Recording Engineered by Nat Kramer, Cherryvale Studios, Boulder, CO
Mixed by Rob Fitzgerald and Justin Forthuber
Mastered by Adam Boose, Cauliflower Audio, Cleveland, OH
Artwork and Design by Jessamine DeHaven



all rights reserved


Ancient Giant Denver, Colorado

Ancient Giant
Rob Fitzgerald: Guitar
Hiroki Collins: Bass
Robin Chestnut: Drums
Nick Carter: Guitar, Violin

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Track Name: Give Me Something I Can Hold On To
I’ve given up I hope enough
of things I’ve piled and thoughts gone wild
Found myself a mountaintop
A place where i can sit and wait, but

Give me something I can hold on to
Give me something I can hold on to

Give me love or give me strength
Or something that won’t blow away
The winds they blow down hard up here
No place to hide or stand aside
But something wants us both alive

Give me something I can hold on to
Give me something I can hold on to
Give me something I can hold on to
Give me something I can hold on to
Track Name: Real
Whoa-oh, any way you can
Whoa-oh, take your step, free man
Whoa-oh, light your soul on fire
Whoa-oh, with your history as your choir

Whoa-oh, be grateful for your lover
Whoa-oh, even when it’s over
Whoa-oh, find the words to understand
Whoa-oh, that way you can love again

Whoa-oh, give back the things you borrowed
Whoa-oh, take back the things you own
Whoa-oh, tell them all you wish them well now
Whoa-oh, though it hurts to be alone

In this way you’ll know that
Everything you feel makes you real

Whoa-oh, any way you can
Track Name: Again
Sneaking through the woods to somewhere
He has found to hide
Singing to the trees who listen
As he lays by their side
Breaking open rocks to find the
Secret worlds inside

Don’t fall astray
I know you feel that way
Just see where you’ve been, find yourself again

He can’t control the future so he
Doesn’t fight the tide
As it carries him across the country
Falling backwards as he rides
And he never looked into her eyes
He let the universe decide

If no one will remember for him
Will he see the truth
Searching for the secrets turned to
Running from his youth
And a geode in his heart but he can’t
See into the center for the proof
Track Name: Spirits
When there was an axe I chopped right through the ground
In the middle of the ocean I knew where to dive down
Down to where the
Icy Arctic meets at the edge of the town,
With a heavy, heavy load I lay down,
And I felt the sound
I believe

So why don’t you kids meet me on the way across the city
And if we felt like tumbling past the bars into infinity
And if the crew of us burst through the lies and disguise,
Of a quarter-million people in our eyes,
In our eyes,
I believe,

Seems this day was on a track,
seems like somebody bringing us back
I heard a little song from the radio man,
but you just keep running as fast as you can

And if you go under the floor you’ll find what was there before
Past the instructions you have read, and the spirits of the dead
And maybe you will see, there’s a thing you’ll always be
A child born in the ocean; a lantern on the sea
Track Name: Divide
It’s not like you said come find me in that note you left me
I’m like a snake skin, honey I’m laying right where you left me
And in these five years we lived our lives here, what is there to show?
I’m feeling hollow, though I understand, darling you had to go.

I’m crossing the continental divide
Alpine; you will find it home
Your age-old ties are showing
But the ocean, she is mine alone

Nothing to bark at, nothing to waste, this must be the place

Stand true to the continental divide
With these songs that have always been taking me home
No I don’t want to be alone
But alone is all I’ll ever own.
Track Name: Paint
I know you feel me, but you’re not ready, and I feel that.

Still I wish
Kissing you could tell you something more
Something you miscalculated, or something you store
A lie that you believe, or a heart that still bleeds
From an open sore.

Paint me memories that I don’t have
That’s what I’ve done, lying in the dark
A man and a woman lying in a park
Something simple, something true
I want to tell my mind to slow down
Want to tell my heart to believe again
And if you say can we just be friends
Then I’ll be the friend who wrote songs for you

But still I wish
Kissing you could tell you something more
Something you miscalculated, or something you store
A lie that you believe, or a heart that still bleeds
From an open sore.

I painted a picture of loving you
It’s still drying, too soon to show
But I can tell, from what I know
That it’s too soon for you as well.
Track Name: One
What have you done. What have you done.
You built your world on unstable ground
And what you’ve found is fertile there
Has come unwound and come back to “One”,

When the feeling ends it gets around
You tell your friends that it all depends
On things inside that never show
And you won’t let go, so it goes around.

And she’s the sun. It’s such a shame,
You pull the strings that get you high.
Make up some lies, why it’s all fine,
Come crashing down when it’s all done.

What have you done. What have you done.
Why is there nothing you see you’ve found?
Turn around, turn around.
You’re looking for the same as before
Turn back around, turn away from the sun.

Come back to one.
Track Name: Any Way She Pleased
She had a heart of gold,
In her dreams
Nothing done wrong to it
She could be
Any way she pleased.

She was a gardener
In her dreams
She would take care of things
Letting herself grow
Grow through the weeds

She was a traveler
In her dreams
No one knew where she was
Where she’d been
Or what she’d seen

With a bandana wrapped around her head
One hundred cases of rum stowed down below
She would take the captain out, out with his men
And no one, no one would know,

She had a heart of gold,
In her dreams.
Nothing done wrong to it,
She could be
Any way she pleased.

And if she could take it back,
Lord don’t you know,
She would be lying on the beach,
Sipping the breeze,
Any way she pleased.
Track Name: Good Luck
I felt like fighting the other night
Coulda put a few good holes in a few cheap walls
And I had my drink as my alibi, but
When I awoke, is when I realized,

It doesn’t matter if I think about it anymore
It wouldn’t matter, even if I was a king
Or the greatest story teller that has ever been
Or that I gave all I could, well past the end.

I think I see what I missed
Good luck finding that man that doesn’t exist.

No one’s gonna fill that hole in your heart
No one’s gonna take a trip to the store, and
Look down the aisle with the lids and caps, and
Find the right one to plug it up.

No one but me would put up with this
No one but me knows just what to do
Which is to truly love all that you do
Oh, if only you felt that way, too.